Instant Mortar Match is
made in the USA

Match New Masonry to Old, Make Old Masonry Repairs Look New

Change the appearance of poor mortar work with the tip of a brush. Instant Mortar Match can easily mask unattractive or poorly done mortars on masonry work. Instant Mortar Match is designed by a master to be used by both professionals and do it yourselfers. Instant Mortar Match is a patented permanent easily applied dye that can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Instant Mortar Match allows you to:

  • Visually correct or mask sloppy mortar stains or poor workmanship on masonry repairs
  • Match new mortar color to a pre-existing mortar
  • Restore or change the shade of your existing mortar

Watch Instant Mortar Match In Action

Click play above to see our short video demonstrating the benefits of Instant Mortar Match.

Why Use Instant Mortar Match:

  • Will not trap moisture

  • Non-Acidic - will not damage mortar

  • Wide color assortment to match your mortar

  • Complementary products allow for shade adjustment

  • Great for modern or historic masonry


Color Cards Available Upon Request